I'm 3
I'm 1 Week
old Today!
I weigh
1 lb. 3/8 oz.
I'm 2 weeks old
My eyes are
opening and I'm
begining to walk on
my legs!
I weigh 1 lb. 13 5/8 oz.
I'm a Cuddly little boy!
I'm 3 weeks old now! I'm
walking around and playing
with my brothers and
sisters. I had my first solid
food today! Yum, it was
good! I also got my first
worming today, yuck!
I weigh 2 lbs. 7 1/8 oz.
I'm growing like a
First Born - 7:48 pm
Boy - Blue Collar
14 3/4 oz.
August 24, 2006
I went for my first car
ride to my first Doctor's
visit! I got a shot! Ouch!
It hurt! I got checked for
worms too. The Doc
said I don't have any!
August 29, 2006
I'm Proudly owned and loved by  
Pat & Linda Searcy
I'm flying to Colorado!
Sept. 11, 2006
Sept. 2, 2006
Sept. 15, 2006
I had to see the
doctor again today,
he says I'm very
healthy (Heck... I
could have told him
that) and can go
home with my new
Mom & Dad. Hurray!!
I also got another
darn  shot today and
my micro chip.
Grandma said I was a
very brave boy and
she gave me hugs
and kisses
afterwards, that made
me feel better.
Doc says I don't have
icky worms
either and
I weigh 11.8 lbs!
Saturday, Grandma gave me
another bath, she called this one
my "going home" bath.  Grandma
told me my Mom & Dad are going to
love me cause I'm so handsome
and I smell good!
Sunday, Grandma took me on a long ride to a big
building where there was big airplanes, she said I was
going to ride on one of these to my new forever home
in colorado where my new Mom & Dad would be
waiting for me. Wow, this is scary. Grandma gave me
big hugs and kisses, she told me everything would be
ok. And it was, I arrived in Colorado safely and my
new Mom & Dad are great!

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