Sept. 2, 2006
I'm 3
I'm 1 Week
I weigh
1 lb. 4 oz.
I'm 2 weeks old today!
My eyes are opening
and I'm begining to walk
on my legs!
I weigh 1 lb. 14 1/8 oz.
I'm a spunky little
I'm 3 weeks old now! I'm
walking around and playing
with my brothers and
sisters. I had my first solid
food today! Yum, it was
good! I also got my first
worming today, yuck!
I weigh 2 lbs. 10 5/8 oz.
I'm growing like a
Third Born - 8:38 pm
Boy - Green Collar
14 1/4 oz.
I'm proudly owned and loved by
The Reppy Family!
I'm going to live in North Carolina!
August 24, 2006
I went for my first car
ride to my first Doctor's
visit! I got a shot! Ouch!
It hurt! I got checked for
worms too. The Doc
said I don't have any!
August 29, 2006
Sept. 11, 2006
Sept. 15, 2006
I had to see the doctor
again today, he says I'm
very healthy (Heck... I
could have told him
that). Hurray!!
I also got another darn  
shot today and my micro
chip. Grandma said I was
a very brave boy and
she gave me hugs and
kisses afterwards, that
made me feel better.
Doc says I don't have
icky worms either
I weigh 12 lbs!
Then Grandma took
me home and gave
me another bath!
Then Grandma took
me home and gave
me another bath!
I had an exciting weekend! We went for a looong ride, all the way to
Perry, GA. where we went to a dog show! Wow, there were sooo
many dogs there! Gramdma even showed me! I did my very best!
Grandma says I did a very, very good job, I won 3td place in the
multi breed puppy match! The ribbon they gave me is bigger than I
am! I had a good time at the show, I like to travel!
Here I am!
The judge is checking me out!
I'm doing my very best stacking!
Sept. 30, 2006
Strutting my
stuff at the
dog show!
I'm very friendly and out going! They call me "Lucky".
I'm very smart and would do very well in obediance.
I'm into mischeif all the time and I love to play!
I'm a great little pup who will be a wonderful
Foxhunt's Luck of the Draw
October 20, 2006
Hi Scarlett,
Just wanted to show you a few pics so you
would know that Lucky is OK, everyone
loves him and he has joined right in, he’s
definitely not shy.
We just love him,
               Thank you for everything,
                                              Judy Reppy

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