We are sad to announce that Diamond hurt herself jumping into our van a couple of
days before delivery. :0(  She lost most of this litter with only one surviving puppy.
A little girl, born on 8/6/07 at 8:20 am and weighed 11 5/8 oz.
We call her...
I'm spoken for!
I have my registered name now it's
Foxhunt Heaven's Blanca, CD, CDX
I'm loved by the Gonzalez Family
I'm a little girl, born on 8/6/07 at 8:20 am
and I weighed 11 5/8 oz.
Heaven at one
day old
Heaven at 3 days old
I now weigh 14 1/4 oz.
I'm doing well, I'm a fiesty
little girl!
I look so tiny in the
big whelping box
all by myself!
Heaven at 5 days old
I now weigh 1 lb 3 1/2 oz.
I'm doing well & gaining fast!
I'm 10 days old now! I
weigh 1 lb. 13 5/8 oz.
I'm a
Furture Obediance Champion!!
and I
My eyes are beginning to unseal,
they will be opening soon!
My grandma says I'm a
sweet little darling!
I like doing my
I'm 12 days old
My eyes are open today!!
I'm getting
bigger every day.
My ears are
opening as well
and I'm begining
to respond to
I have a
I'm 14 days
My mama takes very good care of me,
I don't miss any meals!
My Grandma calls her "little Miss Piggy"!
I'm 18 days old now and growing and changing very quickly
now! I can see much better now and hear what's going on
around me. I respond to the sound of my grandma's voice now
and look in her direction to find her when she talks to me. I
can sit up pretty good and even walk around now, though I'm
still a
little bit wobbly when I try to walk.
I am so adorable, I will steal your heart!
I now
weigh 3
lbs. 1/8
My very first solid food!
My Auntie Cristal
helps keep an eye on
me, she adores me!
I like coming
out of the
box to play
in the crate
where I can
Yummy! It was good! I ate it
all up!
I'm such a silly little
cutie pie!!!
I'm really starting to run & play
now! Grandma opened up the
whelping box now so I have lots
of room to play!
I weigh 4 lbs. 4 1/8 oz.
Heaven's first time outside
Darned, if I'm staying on any porch...
I run with the BIG dogs!!
I went for my first
car ride & went to
meet Doc. He was
nice, but he poked
me with a needle!
Ouch! Grandma said
I was big brave girl
cause I didn't yip!
Doc says I'm
healthy, my heart
sounds good and I
have no worms! I
got board while
waiting for the
results of my worm
check & fell asleep!
When we got back home Grandma
let me play outside for awhile! I
had fun running around after the
big dogs!
I have big dreams!!! >
< Furture Agility Dog?
Such a Little
I'm getting sooo big! I will be
going to my forever home soon.
My Grandma will miss me very
much. but she knows I'm going
to a very wonderful family who
will love me very much!
I got my ear tatooed today,
It hurt! But I was brave girl
and only yipped once and
then I forgot about it and
went about playing. I'm
getting ready to go to my
forever home on Oct. 12, 07
I will be flying to NJ.
I will be visiting Doc again on
the 9th for my second shots,
airline health certificate and
micro chip.
~ Pictures & updates from my new forever home ~
I'm at my new
forever home
now, I love my
new family!
Hello Scarlett,                                                                                                                                                               10-12-07

Wow she is so nice, she slept in Mike lap the whole ride back home. Maria was outside waiting for her. She made her self at
home right away with no problem. We also took her to the highschool footballgame and what a hit she was.

I will send you pix tomorrow. All she did at the game was chase leaves and play with the little kids. Than it got a little cold so we
came home. Right now she is sleeping in Mike room, out like
a light.

She was perfect in the flight, no potty or stressed out. She slept thru the night and we got up at 6am, she went straight out and
did her business. We just got in from the front of the house, to show her what her boundaries are and
if I tell you, you would not believe me. She is like my shadow. I keep the crate in my bedroom at night. I place my teeshirt and

Everyone in the football game flip over her, never seen a white shepherd. I could not take picture yesterday because by the
time we got home it was pretty dark.

This morning she ate well. Love the 2 new addition, are they both male? Also you have to see her go up and down the stair in
the by foyer, too funny.

10-16-07 - Update
Hello Scarlett,

You need to see her , she knows (sit, platz, stay, working on the heel but not bad for her age). She has not had an accident in
the house (yet). Loves her crate I have 2 of them, 1 in the bedroom to sleep (all I say to her is bed and in she goes) another in
the family room, for when we go out shopping but 1 of us stays behind (in case Kris calls).

We get up at 5am, she goes out does her business comes inside the house and straight to Mike room, feed her and back to
his room until 6:30am and right away she wants to go out again. She waits by the sliding glass door until you open the door
and again more potty comes in and she goes straight in the Condo Crate by her self.

I will send more pix this week. I will send 1 with Mike, Maria and me and when Kris comes home in Dec. will send another with
entire family.

Also how is your grandson doing? tell him she is wonderful, the little princess like Maria calls her, she has Maria rap around
her big paws. Thats another thing she does, Maria goes to exercise and she has to be there with Maria.

10-24-07 - Update
Dear Scarlett,                                                                                                                                                                10-24-07

Sorry I have not been able to email you before, been busy making flight plans to see Kris in Chicago, he graduates 2 Nov.
from the Navy.

Here are some pix.

She started training last monday, and everyone in class was very impressed. We are going to move her to the adult dogs in a
couple of weeks, we need to socialize her with her own age pups, but forget it she is beyond the others, and getting bigger,
she waits in a sit for her food and raises her paw until I give her the ok. I can put her on a platz (down) walk half a block and
she won't move the same in the sit.

I will send more pix, take care and show the pix to your grandson and tell him of her progress, also if she keeps going at this
pace, we think she will be ready for the obed. ring in Feb.08.

Hi Scarlett,

Heaven is getting so big and smart. She loves to watch Bones and House, she just lays with us on the couch.

We're going to put her in the ring for Feb.08, hopefully in Jan.08 I can do Rally. This girl is so talented, she knows that her
nilon choke collar is for compt. and training her buckle collar for walks and no collar forget it she knows she can do anything
she wants within limits.

Will take more pix, its being raining up here. She hates to go out in the rain!

11-20-07 - Update

Hi Scarlett,

Sorry I have not written, be have been busy with travel to Chicago. Wow Chicago is
beautiful and clean not like New York City.  Could not believe how big Lake Michigan is.  
The family is doing great and Kris looked sharp with his Navy uniform.

How is Jacob doing? I hope everything is ok in North Florida.  We call her Blanca now, well
Mike and Maria so I have to as well, I don't want to confuse her, but in training she is doing fantastic. Someone is going to call
you about puppies, after seen what Blanca can do at her age they were fascinated with her. She can hold her seat and down
for 5 minutes with other dogs running around her. I need to work on her recall a little better, she comes and sits a little sideway.

I'm going to put her in fun matches next month, get her use to the ring. I will send pix soon, we have been so busy with the trip
we have not had any chance to take more pix.

                                                                                                                                                    Take care,
11-06-07 - Update
Snoozing with her Mom for
the last time... our sweet
little Heaven leaves for
the airport tomorrow
morning. We will miss her
very much!
At the airport waiting to
be loaded...
Bye my sweet baby! I love
you! Be a good girl for your
new mom & dad, I know you


We got our CD title today at the Northern New Jersey GSD club. Not how I wanted, but now I can concentrate on Open and
Utility and go for the high score. Its going to take us about 3 months to get sharp so I will write on the progress and will sent
the pix on the CD title that we took. 8/9 month old not bad for a puppy. I toldyou I work with my dogs. We will never will let
you down. Also we were working so hard on high score that I forgot that the show was outdoors and never trained
on grass. Will never happen again.


Dear Scarlett,

Just wanted you to know, that Blanca got her Open Title (CDX) at the Northern New Jersey GSD Club. She got 1st place and

I will send you pix as soon as I get them. Also she is ready for the Utility ring, but we have to wait until Jan.2011 for the Princeton
show and Verona.

                                                                                                                                                 Take care,
                                                                                                                                                     Miguel, Maria and Blanca

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