I'm the Blue Collar Puppy
I'm a Boy
I'm the fourth born
My name is Nyko
Foxhunt's Nyko Kwynn

I'm proudly owned & loved by
Virginia Morris!
I'm 16 days old!
NyKo at
8 weeks
I introduced him to one of my friends today who absolutely LOVES dogs
and has been almost as excited about NyKo as i have and she said he is
the smartest dog she has ever seen LOL. she had shepherds before when
she first got married and she said her dog was smart but NyKo is beyond
that! People can't get over just how big his paws are LOL.
he is feeling oh so much better. the antibiotics helped a ton. of course
after saturday he didnt 'act' sick but now oh my he gives me a run LOL.
of course he has been running wild today so he is resting at my feet.
he is certainly one smart little man!
I did very well my
first night at home! I
got to sleep in the
big bed with my new
Mom! But she says
I'll have to learn to
sleep in my crate
from now on. DARN!!!

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