I'm the Green Collar Puppy
I'm a Girl
I'm the sixth born
My name is Lucy
Foxhunt's Lucy

I'm proudly owned and loved by
the Smith family!!!
Here are some pictures that I took today when Lucy came home....
she played hard with Adam and was worn out !!   I know that we are
going to just love her, we already do .... Adam wants to sleep with
her tonight and is quite upset that he can't !!   Just wanted to assure
you that she will be loved very much :)
I will send more pictures soon !!  Thank you for Lucy !!!!!
                                                                                   May 9,06
Lucy is great... she is a sweet,sweet puppy !  You were right about her being a very laid back,
easy going puppy.  She definitly is that.  But that is great, and we love her !  She was sad
the very first night, and cried alot, but has slept all through the night ever since... we are
proud of her.  I promise to take pictures soon and send you, I just haven't had time this
weekend.  She went with us several places this weekend and seemed to enjoy that.  She wasn't
really thrilled with the "gentle leader" part of the leash, but the McCluskeys suggested that
we start her on that.   We tried just the leash and she did fine...... so we are going to just
stick with that.
                                                                            June 29,06
Hello, Hope that you are doing well !  We are enjoying our summer and trying to stay cool in
this HOT weather !
Lucy is great... we love her so much !  She is such a smart puppy and is learning so many new
things.  We take her to a puppy class every Wednesday night, and everyone is amazed at how
fast she learns.  
Thank you for sending us her additional info.  and for the info on the classes.  I hope that we
can get her involved there as well.  It would be neat to run into Dixie there !  
Lucy had her last shots yesterday, and we went ahead and made her an appt to get her
spayed later this month.  I thought it was still too early to have that done, but Dr. Bartels
said not.  I am nervous about it, but I am sure she will do fine.  I will let you know how she
does :)
Enjoy the pictures .... she is growing up so fast, I am glad I took lots of her when she was so
little !  Talk to you soon !
I'm the first to have
an ear up!!
I'm 5 1/2 weeks old!
This is me with my
new family!!!
This is me with my
I'm 16 days old

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