I'm the Pink collar Puppy
I'm a girl
I'm the second born
My name is Daisy
Foxhunt Easy's Oops E Daisy, CGC,CDC,RA,RN,RE,RAE

This little girl came home and settled right in. She was not sure of that GREAT BIG DOG at first but
decided that she liked to chase the cat and bark. She is so cute when she lifts her head like she is barking
at the moon. Can't get a good shot of it yet. She is too quick. Haven't gone in the house at all. When Mom
goes outside with me I go as soon as we get out. NOT THE FIRST IN HOUSE ACCIDENT...   LOVES THE
BACK YARD, ESPECIALLY THE LEAVES. We have a magnolia and Oak tree that shed constantly.
You won't believe where she slept last night. With us in the bed. She didn't cry at all. Just jumped up with
her front paws on the side of the bed and scratched. Of course Dad and or Mom picked her up. We told her
it was a one night thing, though.
We'll stay in touch.  LOVE OUR LITTLE SMARTY
April 30, 2006
Had to send this to you. She was so tired from running (constantly).  She stays by her
dish, when she is resting.  I think it is her safety zone.  Beside her dish is the kitchen
counter with bar stools that she likes to lay under.  What looks like a cigar at her
mouth is a leaf she drug in from outside. Walked on a leash today.  She is unbelievably
Thanks again, WE OWE YOU. She DID sleep with us last night, too.  George said not
tonight though (Right).  Guess we'll see tonight.  Our Great Dane and cat are getting
better/  The Dane is jealous, so I took her to Pet Smart today so she would feel
loved.  Daisy will get to go later. Daisy has her first doctor's appointment tomorrow.  
The doc didn't get to see her when I brought her in the other day.  I'm anxious to
hear his comments.
May 20, 2006
Just wanted to update you on our little love.  She is really enjoying her new home and
her family is really enjoying her.
Needless to say we are having fun. I am taking her to the Dog club Sunday to play.  
Gina told me about it.  I guess they are never too young to socialize.  Hope to see you
I won the United White
Shepherd Club's White
Shepherd Easter photo contest
in the Prettiest category
My Mom & Dad
sure are proud
of me and my
This is her first dish,
she knows it's hers too.
Darn cat, won't
I just chase and
Yeah, I have them wrapped
around my little paw already!!
I'm proudly owned and loved by
George & Karen Stevens!
I like to call this
one "Guarding
Grandma's Oxygen
line.  This is the
day her ears went
Here is her favorite hiding
place.  It is our shed out
back.  I can't wait until
she is too big to go
under.  She likes to taunt
me, with peeking out as if
saying " you can't catch
Of course, there is always
the thought of whether or
not the Older dog will
accept her...
And of course there is the
first pool and favorite
ball.   Our daughter
brought her the pool on
Mother's day.

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I'm 16 days old!
Just got back from the Tally trial. Daisy got her RAE, the only one to recieve one at the trial. Would
you believe they had the nicest laventar ribbons you could hang around the dogs neck for title
ribbons, and they ran out before they got to the RAE. They gave them all out to the dogs that got
Novice titles, Advance titles, and Excellent titles, but when they had a competitor who had gotten all
of those titles already and was getting the "champion" of the rally obedience, they run out. How great
is that?!! That's okay Daisy doesn't care and I will get over it. AKC will know and that is all that
matters. She can get her patch....
Karen and Foxhunt Easy's Oops E Daisy, CGC. RA,RN,RE,RAE
Feb. 14, 2010
Daisy & Friends
Foxhunt pose

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