Red Collar - Female
I'm the eighth born - I'm 10 3/4 oz.
I was born at 2:19 PM
I'm 4 days old now
I weigh 14 7/8 oz.
I'm 11 days
old now
I weigh 1 lb.
11 oz.
My eyes are
I'm 1 week
old now
I weigh 1 lb.
3 1/4 oz.
I'm a fighter &
a stinker!  
I still don't like
being on my back,
and I let my
grandma know
about it!
I will have it
MY way!  
I'm 2 weeks
old now
I weigh 2 lb.
1 3/4 oz.
I'm 3 weeks
old now
I weigh 3 lb.
2 7/8 oz.
I'm 4 weeks
old now
I weigh 4 lb.
1 1/2 oz.
I'm 5 weeks
old now
I weigh 4 lb.
1 1/2 oz.
Update - 06/05/07
Hello Grandma,

It's me Nova. I wanted to share some good news with you.
Last night I started Puppy Kindergarten. There were lots of dogs there ( 12 or so ) I was a bit scared to go in the building
when I heard them. But Mom said it would be ok.
It was scarry at first...........but then I realised I was bigger then all thes oher dogs so I had nothing to worry about.

We all went into the big room and had to sit on the rubber mat that made a square around the room. You can be proud I
was the only one tha sat like a big dog. My mommy could just stand next to me .... she did not need to keep me calm or
anything...she was so proud of me.

We are working on coming when called, walking on heel ( I'm not use to walking on the left of my Mommy so we need to
work on that.) My Mommy uses a clicker thing when I do something right. and a little food.
I was sooooo tired when we left that I slept all the way home.
Did I tell you Mommy had to buy a new vehicle. Her truck broke......(sad) but we have a new grand caravan. I have the
whole thing to roam around in ..........I like it better then the truck.
I went to the vet yesterday  they took my weight and I am now 49.5 lbs...........I sure don't look that big. But my puppy
collar almost doesn't fit.

I have been a good girl..... I like my raw hide bones well and I have chewed through 2 dog toys and 2 playground balls
mom brought m from school. My teeth are all coming in ....Mommy says they are so white....I know they are sharp.
Tell everyone I said Hi...............and I miss all of you.... but I love my home...and my mommy.....she wishes I didn't jump on
her when she gets home from school....but I am so excited to see her......................
Doggie Kisses to everyone,
Nova Bright Starr
~ Pictures & updates from my new forever home ~
Foxhunt's Nova Bright Starr
Update - 06/19/07
Nova goes to the 2007 UKC Premier! Where she trys dock diving for the first
time!  We loved seeing you at Premier Nova & Diana!
Go Nova & Diana!!!
I just want to thank everyone who welcomed me during my visit to the
premier this past weekend. I want to thank everyone especially Scarlett
made me feel like one of the family. I can't wait to show Nova.
                                                                          Diana & Nova
Update - 06/25/07
Hi Gang,

We have been very busy this week. I went to school with mom every day. It was fun.....after she did her paper work we got to go
into the playground and I got to RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But it is hard to run on black top................. we played ball and I had a
good time.

Last Monday we went to puppy class.  Mom tried to stand us by other dogs like you told her to do................ but the collie
moved so she could be by us............. I guess the owner likes how I am a basicly calm dog.... a good influence on the hyper

We learned lay at class and practiced stay. Oh then the trainer had mommy hold my head by the jaw and run her hand over
my face.  Something about being able to do anything to your dog without it getting upset. Somethings I don't like to do in class
but I do them at home or if we are visiting. I just get so excited with the other dogs around.

I sure loved seeing was so special!

Mommy says she wants to talk now.......arf arf arf

Hi Scarlett, Again I want to thank you for letting me hang around on Thursday............ I just had such a good time.... and
learned so much. Nova is being a typical teenager these days.... she tries me just like the kids at school. I try to be as constant
as ever with her. The jumping when I come home is still a problem but I fold my arms and turn away from her....then I tell her to
sit. I won't pet her if she is not sitting.   She also likes to put her mouth around my hand...she does not bit only lets me know her
teeth are there...this is less and less now. I know she is trying me to see who will be the alfa.............

Thanks for the pictures.......
They are great!

I hope all is well with you folks after your long trip home from Premier.  Next year if you get a chance you should swing by Blue
Island on your way home. You and the gang are always welcome to stay here.

                                                                                                                                     Take care and thanks again,

                                                                                                                       Diana & Nova >*< ( Nova Bright Starr)
Hello My Florida Family,

I am a little bit late in letting you know but  I am a "Puppy Kindergarten Graduate" YIPPY!  YIPPY!    On Monday, July 9 I went
through my routines and passed each with flying colors............well accept on recall I sat next to my Mommy instead of in front
of her.      But I did sit stay super and did all our heeling just great. Mommy has some pictures of graduation for my webpage.

I miss all of you..............but I love my forever home.   Mommy says we are going to start the next level of classes soon.

                                                                                                            Take care and I love you,

                                                                                                                                            Nova   >*<
Update - 07/17/07
It makes me feel so proud when Nova gets so much attention when we are out. And I have to share that
with you. She is 55lb.s now. Not a little baby anymore. She loves our road trips. After we relocate I may
add another to our family. I would like to do that now but I think it better to wait til she is older.
                                                                                                                                                  Diana & Nova
Update - 07/22/07


Wow, by the looks of the web site you have had a busy summer. Grandma I have had a busy summer traveling. We
have been back and forth to Michigan many times. I love to ride and watch everything go
by........................................................... I also like it because we stop and have lunch. Yesterday, I had a grilled Hot
Dog, two french fries and some of Mom's Hamburger. Yum!  A Black cat tried to have lunch with us and I barked at
it to go. It ran away. I always have fun on our Road trips.  Hi to everyone.

                                                                                                                                                         Nova >*<

Hi Scarlett,

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of the Diamonds litter.  How are you and her doing???  Heaven is a very good
name for the lone little girl.  If for any reason the family decides they don't want her let me know.

I am interested in a pup from Missy's litter. Should I fill out an application?  We talked about getting a boy. But I
want to make sure he is not in related to Nova..................if this litter has lines to her then we would want a girl.  
Please let me know.


                                                                                                                                               Diana & Nova >*<
Update - 09/02/07

I just wanted to share this picture of my baby...  This was taken on her 10th month birthday. Her favorite place is
My bed.... she loves to snuggle in the pillows.


                                                                                                                                                         Diana & Nova >*<
Update - 11/01/07
Go Nova &
We are very
proud of our
Nova & her Dad Hero at Premier
Such a
Update - 11/27/07
Nova is going for a bath/nails Wednesday. I hope the weather is not too cold. She is growing sooooo.

Her fur is so soft................... The special food mix you have me put on her food is doing great for her. Yesterday, I took her for
a walk and the owner of the little store by my house was out. He said what a beautiful dog she was...............I let him know that
she is the one I buy the chicken breasts for.... then I told him about her raw diet mix which goes on her food. He said you can
tell she eats well she is so muscular and shaped so nice.  Just wanted you to know. :)

                                                                                                                                                                  Diana  :)
Update - 06/15/08
Nova stacks for
the first time for
Grandma at the
2008 UKC
Premier show
Photos Update
Story Update - 10/16/08
Let me add to the mouthy count of Foxhunts.......Miss Nova has a mouth on her......she lets me know when a squirrel
is in the tree outside and greets everyone with her mouth first , sniffs and then it is OK........   I have to say sometimes
I am thankful for her mouth....... three nights ago we were out for a walk in the front of our the street....we
have NO street lights and the moon was not out so it was dark.......we live on a dead end and only those who live
here drive down the street. We have no sidewalks in the country...and nothing to walk to down our road.... out of no
where this man came walking along the edge of our property....I never heard him....but Nova did .......She turned
towards him did not jump or pull me she just growled and gave the deepest bark I ever heard from her.....she never
left my side.....................He on the other hand moved to the other side of the road.   She continued to bark at him but
did not pull me..............At first I was embraced at her barking   and then I realized how different this was from any
other time she has barked at people.  All I had to say to her was lets go and she walked right next to me to the door
where I gave her a big good girl rub down.    Would you believe the next night the same guy was out there
again.............this time I let her bark all she wanted. He turned around and went back the way he came................since
then he has not been around........................She's my protector.
Her barking at others I think is almost saying come play with me.....

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