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I'm the Dark Pink Collar Puppy
I was the sixth born
I'm a Girl
I was born at 5:31 PM
I Weighed 9 3/8 oz.
I was 9" long

1 day old
I'm 2 days old!
I now weigh 10 1/8 oz.
I'm 9 days
I now weigh
1 lb. 1 1/4 oz.
I'm 17 days
I now weigh
1 lb.
12 3/4 oz.
I'm 26 days old!
I now weigh 2 lb. 13 1/4 oz.
I'm 4 1/2
weeks old!
I now weigh 3
lb. 9 1/2 oz.
I'm 6 1/2 weeks old!
I now weigh 6 1/2 lbs.
I love her so much and she is doing very well.  I would have replied sooner but I was hoping to
upload a few pictures I took off my cell phone to show you first.  She traveled very well home (with
constant attention from the person in the back seat with her...me ).  One of my brothers who was
coming to visit drove for me so I could be with the puppy.  She was ok after arriving and the little
devil hiding in side was dormant.  I think it was because she was tired after the long trip and the
nice long wall we had after she arrived.  A tired puppy is a quiet puppy (for the most part).  She
slept well through the night and we went out early this morning and then gave her some breakfast.  
After eating and soaking up attention as well as a new toy and chewie from the apartment office
staff (she melted everyone's heart), the little devil in side came out for a visit.  She REALLY
REALLY likes toes.  We are working on this as I feel sorry for the poor olives inside martini glasses
now (aka my toes).  She is really smart and is adjusting well.  The only issue she had was with the
long long stair case leading up to my second floor apartment.  She was not thrilled to be able to
look down at her feet and see the ground through some large (but not too large breaks in the
steps).  She has over come her issues with the stair case and now handles it like a wobbly legged
pro.  I will have to take a few pictures of her hopping up the stair case since she will not be so little
for long.  I will write more and post some pictures later.  I have taken a good number of pictures on
my cell phone but havent had the time to put them on the computer or to write much.  Moonlight is
taking delight in finding new things to play with (some of which she shouldnt - besides my toes).
Got to love puppies.  Thanks for the great little puppy.

Kimberly H
Pictures and updates from my Forever
I'm leaving to go home now
with my new
Like all visits to the vet when the treats
are gone and the thermometer come
out it is time to leave.
Moonlight cleaning underneath her mat.  
You know how dirty it can get under
rugs LOL.
Here are few pictures of
Moonlight helping around the
house and visiting the vet.
Moonlight helping to clean the
closet and re-arrange the hanging
See my videos!

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