Knight's bout with a
Retrobulbar Abscess
On November 21,
2010  our Knight
came in from playing
outside and acted a
bit head shy when I
went to pet him, this
unusual behavior
made me take notice,
but I checked him
over and could find
nothing wrong.
However, by
morning I noticed
that he had some
swelling around his
left eye. I figured
something had stung
him the previous
he didn't act as if it
really bothered him
much so I gave him
some benedril and
waited to see how
it was in the
morning. That night
after him getting a
couple of doses of
the benedril in him
it still didn't look
any better and I
thought if it wasn't
any better by
morning than I
would take him in
to see Doc
Well by morning it
was quite a bit
worse instead of
better so off we
went to see Doc. He
said it was a
Abscess, he gave
Knight a sedative
so we could look in
his mouth as it was
extremely painful
for Knight to open
his mouth. We
could see there
was swelling and
redness in
his top jaw and also in his tonsils. Doc explained that this
was usually caused by some foreign object getting caught
up inside his gums, causing the jaws to swell due to a build
up of  puss trying to push the object out. Doc went behind
the last tooth in his top left  jaw and poked a hole in his jaw
to help release some of the pressure, he then gave him a
couple of  shots of  antibiotics and gave me enough of the
injectable antibiotics for the next 3 days along with some  
Cephalexin, enough for 10 days, 750 mg. twice daily, to begin
taking after the 3 days of injectable antibiotics. By the time
Knight had finished his treatment he was back to being my
handsome, happy boy again!     

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