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Welcome to our L Litter's page!
Sky X Hero
3 very beautiful little babies!
2 boys & 1 girl
Born on November 25, 2008
All of these babies are spoken for!
Interested in one of our babies?
upcoming litter due the first week in February
See our upcoming litters page for more information then go to our Puppy Page and fill out our puppy adoption application
Puppy Page

Sire - Hero
Dam - Sky
Sky's babies are here!!
Click on the blue links
below each baby's
picture to see their
Sky cuddles her babies!
In Loving Memory of our
lost little one
There were 4 puppies born in this litter. Sadly one of them
had to leave us to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with our
Blue Boy
Born at 2:03 pm weighing 13 1/4 oz. 10" Long
You are God's special chosen one and we
will miss you.
We're 1 week old!
We're starting to get up on our
legs now!
I'm Skyro and I'm
the first to have my
eyes open!
My brothers opened
their eyes the next
We're 2 weeks old!
We're 3 weeks old!
We had our first
solid food today! It
was so yummy! We
ate pretty good for
our first meal!
Pink Girl
I have a name now it's
Foxhunt's Skyro-Baby
I'm loved by the Erthal Family!
First Born at 11:11 am
I weighed 12 1/4 oz. & I'm 9 1/2" long
Green Boy
I have name now it's
Foxhunt's Thor
I'm loved by the McCreery Family!
Third Born at 2:55 pm
I weighed 13 7/8 oz. & I'm 10 1/2" long
We're 5 weeks old!
We're 6 weeks old!
I weigh
15 lbs.
12 oz.
6 weeks old
Red Boy
I have a name now it's
Foxhunt's Enchanted Wizard of Oz
I'm loved by the Harmer Family
Second Born at 2:25 pm
I weighed 12 3/4 oz. & I'm 9 1/2" long
I'm Thor & I'm the first to
have my ear up!
We got our ear
tattooed... ouch! See
our green ears?
We're 7 weeks old!
We had our puppy
See them here
Puppy Evaluations
See the actual
exercises here
PAWS Puppy
I weigh
14 lbs.
13 1/4 oz.
8 1/2
weeks old
I weigh
15 lbs. 3 1/2 oz.
I'm 8 1/2 weeks old

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