My name is Gus
Foxhunt's Go For The Gusto
I'm the Blue Collar Puppy
I was the Second born
I'm a Boy
I was born at 11:47 AM
I Weighed 1 lb. 6 1/8 oz.
I was 11" long

I'm 3 days old!
I weigh 1 lb.
12 5/8 oz.
I'm 10 days old!
I'm 15 days old!
I weigh 3 lbs. 6
5/8 oz.
I'm 4 weeks old!
I weigh 8 lbs.  
1/2 oz.

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Updates from my forever home
All is well at my house.  Gus is fitting right in, and he loves the walking trail. He never leaves our side and he's getting along
great w/ the other dogs. You were right, he is very lovable.  And he loves organic chicken mixed w/ his kibble!  He drank a lot
of water after we got home yesterday, but today he's not doing it, so he must've been a little dehydrated from the trip (I don't
think they liked the taste of Atlanta's water) and possibly from the upset stomach he had the first of the week.  But his stools
are fine now, and he hasn't had any accidents in the house. We're so excited about having him home!
I'm 6 1/2 weeks old!
I weigh 10 lbs. 13 1/8 oz.
I'm 8 weeks old!
I weigh 14 lbs. 4 oz.
Gus went swimming yesterday. Bella got in the pond and he went in right behind her, probably w/o really thinking about it.
Bella can't swim, too heavy chested I guess, and she'll only go in up to her chest, but Gus passed her and swam out a little
and then turned around and came back to the bank. He did pretty good, I don't think he was really expecting it but he kept his
head up and although not much on style, it wasn't bad for his first time in the water. We got back to the house and he liked  
being dried off w/ the towel. It's funny, you mentioned him being the alpha dog - he already wants to be the first one out the
door when they go outside so I can see it coming.
Hey Scarlett,
Gus is great. He just finished his therapy dog classes this past Tuesday.  Andy said he was the best in the class.  I see you’ve
got some pups coming soon. I was looking at Bo’s information and see that his great granddaddy is Jeromeo.  We had a
Jeromeo baby, too.  Her name was Kenna and she was born in April 1997.  We adopted her and Kody (the 13yr old white
male we still have now) back in 2003.  We went to FL to get them, too.  Bo and Joy are gonna have some gorgeous
puppies.   I’ll get some pics of Gus to you soon.  He’s a character, we’re really enjoying him.  He’s almost as big as Kody.  
Photos from home
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Me and my
I'm handsome boy!

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