I'm Kota, the Blue Collar Puppy
I was the third born
I'm a boy
I was born at 10:47 pm
I Weighed 1 lb. 3 5/8 oz.
I was 10" long

I'm 7 days old!
I weigh 2 lbs. 7
1/4 oz.
I'm 3 1/2 weeks
I weigh 6 lbs.
I'm 4 1/2 weeks
Updates from home!
Hello Scarlett and the Foxhunt crew!

It has been busy as we have had a new addition to our family little Charlotte Grace McGowan was born on 3/11/11....my first grand niece.  
My am I getting old I suppose.  My kids are off of school this week for their spring break and want to do this and that.  They are both out to
their friends houses at the moment.  
Kota was watching the K-9 cops all day marathon on Animal planet...now he is napping as he fell asleep chewing a bully stick he got for
mastering DOWN.   
I took it away 1/2 way threw hoping he doesn't get diarrhea (he says it is worth it).
I just looked at your website for the first time since I got him, as I haven't sat at the computer for several days.....and saw their Puppy
evaluations were on finally.  WOW Kota is your Blue collared pup and man I guess they are young because it just isn't him at all.
He is just awesome.  He will work for a treat or praise.  He has his favorite ball and will retreive it and bring it back to you well over 30
times....then he sets it on the top step when he gets tired....goes potty...picks his ball up and takes it back in the house.   Of course he
drops it in his water bowl.   All his toys need a drink of water  He tries to feed in water his hedgehog, his doggy  loofa that barks (that he
takes to bed with us every night).  
He sits and looks me right in the eye and is always ready to go go go.  Right now we are working on calling him randomly in the house, or
out side, with COME...with a small treat or praise as a reward.  Last week he had ran out the front door on me and then went under my
husband's truck when we called him.  I do not need him getting hit by a car.  Our street is not busy...BUT you never know.  So this week we
are working on come...and now I have added down.
I got him a Kong frisbee...but we haven't used it yet....as we have a lot of leash practicing to do before our vet visit on Fri for his rabies
shot.  He is very stubborn and has discovered that he could bite the leash and pull off his collar in a flash...so tomorrow....I am putting a
small choker on him and walking him in the back yard.  The vet's office is right on US 1 Hwy and I will not have him ...well I will not lose
him...nope! He might be stubborn but I am a match for him.
I have only been in the pool once since he came...but I didn't invite him and he jumped right in with me.  
He eats a super AMAZING amount of food.  We weighed him over the weekend and he was 32 lbs on the nose.  Yesterdays he was 12
weeks old.  I could find my camera anywhere.  So my husband went out and got a really nice one.  I was very upset that Kota will be a horse
and I'll have no pup pics.  Now as soon as I learn to use it you will have pics coming out your ....ok your computer will be steaming...and you
will get to see his children and kitty family too.  Mark jr. throws the ball for him at least twice a day.  It's a really cool dog ball that looks like a
globe almost and glows in the dark...so they throw at night too.  Kota has 2 rope toys and they play tug of war.  Kota growls and tugs...it so
cute.  He's growing up.
He has big time prey drive as every time a cat runs WOOSH he goes!  I yell NO Kota and he stops right away.  When he gets too rough
smelling a kitty or starts hitting them with his Sasquatch feet I tell  him to sit...then the cat can smell him...then i pet them both.  The cats LUV
LUV LUV his tail.  Whether they are fond of Kota or not...they can not resist swatting that tail that is always wagging.  (I think I may have to
have it registered as a weapon as a matter of fact).  He has a BEST friend named GIZMO.  GIZMO is a big 3-yr old blue-silver mackerel
tabby.  He has decided he loves Kota. He rubs all over him, plays with him and they nap together a lot.  Mark jr takes photos a lot with a
game called a Nintendo DS..but the kids can only post them on their face book pages from the DS.  
For the first to weeks that was his life, eat, poop... play and say cheese!
Every time Mark tries to get a pic of Kota & GIZMO snoozing together...GIZMO gets up and leaves.  But we will get it for you...yes we will.
I have left all my bowls of cat food down all over the house and Kota know now that he is not to eat them.  He snatches a small bite now and
then when he looks to see if I am watching...I see him.    But I told myself I am not having cat food bowls up on top of everything again...so I
just never picked them up.  He got in my bathroom trash cans I think 3 times???  After I yelled at him each time...he hasn't done it.  He is
very eager to please.  He LOVES to be told good boy...LUVS a TUMMY RUB!  Doesn't like to hear bad boy or NO.
My husband still has big piles of sand (coral?) dug out around the pool and Kota ADORES playing in them.  slides down them head first on
his tummy like a kid in an amusement park.  Loves to dig, find sticks, rocks...just be a DOG!
OMG  one day he had a giant stick he couldn't wait to show me...he came a runnin' a full speed a head...look at me ma a got a cool stick
and wham! Head first into a flower pot.   I laughed so hard..and so wished I had it on video.  He loves it when we laugh.
Every day I scoop poop because there is always at least 4 piles and I don't want him to run in it while he is retrieving or just running around
the yard.  Then I squirt the scooper with the hose and water my flowers/plants...he runs all in and out of the water barking and bouncing like
it's a sprinkler.  He is such a kid...I'll tell ya.
He luvs it when I vacuum...all the cats hide and he is right there to help all the way.  Noise does not bother him one bit.  Is he in the
He is constantly at the fridge hoping for an ice cube to be dropped.  OHHH does he love ice...much to the chagrin of Shania the Kitty, who
also loves doggy bones/treats adores ice too.  I do not think Kota lets Shania get any ice....poor kitty.
He has only had his rear end smacked one time for being in the litter box in the laundry room....it had to be like the 4th time.  The first time
he tried to bury a kitty mouse and it took me over an hour to clean up the litter!  This time I think he was eating kitty poop.....eeewwww...and
I am so afraid that the clumping litter will kill him dead if he eats it.  So I gave him a wack on the butt.  Which broke his heart...but I caught
him again yesterday.  I have 8 giant litter boxes and I will win this battle, don't you worry.
His teeth are driving him crazy today but he has at least 15 chew toys/bones and 3 balls and 4 frisbees and 10 stuffed animals and rope
toys and you can not walk in my house.  But mostly he plays with cat toys.  He thinks his name is No no Kota that's a kitty toy!  His
stomach...if cut open...is comparable to that of a shark I imagine.  Most of the cat toys are in the trash or on the back porch or in his
stomach by now I imagine.  His favorite is called a turbo scratcher.  mine has three light up balls in it and they go around and around and
around in a circle...but he gets excited and pushed the whole unit throughout the whole house trying to catch the balls.
We had a horrible storm last week and it poured all day.  He finally had to go outside...reluctantly he went down the steps with a push...then
he pee'd quick and ran to save his spongebob ball from the rain and hurry back in with it.  If only my children cared half as much about their
Well I would sure hate to see a high drive dog.  Because he is always ready to go, willing to work and paying attention.  He demands
attention and plenty of exercise.  He must be kept busy to be kept out of trouble.  Any more high drive and I would be more behind in
housework and paperwork than I already am...oh my!
Any way we thank you so much.  We all love him to pieces. My husband has said a number of times how lucky we are to have him.
If he is not into something you can bet your #$@ he is sound asleep on my spot on the sofa...then when he knows I am coming...off he
jumps!  I hung up a Marmaduke comic in my kitchen, it says:  "We had him trained to stay of the furniture, right up until we gave up."  and
on Marmaduke I wrote Kota.
I must run....Mark Jr is home....
Thank you soooo much for my affectionate handsome little  (I have had to loosen his collar 3X and next week we'll probably put on his new
camoflauge one) boy.


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