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Ariel x Justice
Born January 03, 2017
3 handsome little boys!
All puppies from this litter are reserved!
1 Day
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~ Born on January 03, 2017 ~
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Our Pedigree
1st Born - Blue Boy @ 9:45 PM Wt. 14.5 oz.
2nd Born - Red Boy @ 10:23 PM Wt. 15.4 oz.
3rd Born - Green Boy @ 5:43 AM Wt. 1.1 lb.
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Birth Day
Blue Boy Wt. 1.0 lb.
Red Boy Wt. 1.0 lb.
Green Boy Wt. 1.2 lb.
1 Week Old
Blue Boy Wt. 2.1 lbs.
Red Boy Wt. 2.1 lbs.
Green Boy Wt. 2.7 lbs.
1.5 Week Old
Our Eyes Are Open!
We're 2 Weeks Old!
Blue Boy
Wt. 3.12 lbs.
Red Boy
Wt. 3.9 lbs.
Green Boy
Wt. 4.3 lbs.
We're 3 Weeks Old!
Green Boy
Wt. 5.14 lbs.
Red Boy
Wt. 5.5 lbs.
Blue Boy
Wt. 5.0 lbs.
We're 5 Weeks Old

Blue Boy Wt. 7.12 lbs.
Red Boy Wt. 7.6 lbs.
Green Boy Wt. 7.8 lbs.
We're 7 Weeks Old!
Green Boy
Wt. 9.6 lbs.
My name is Ice
Benetar's Ice Storm
I went home with my mom, we're loved by
the Benetar Family!
Red Boy
Foxhunt's Law Man
I'm loved by Freedom Guide
I'm a future Guide Dog!
Wt. 8.15 lbs.

Blue Boy
Foxhunt's Hero Of Hyrule
I'm loved by the
Olsen-Nevel Family!  

Wt. 9.5 lbs.
We're having fun outside!
7 1/2 Weeks old
8 Weeks Old
Blue Boy Wt. 13.8 lbs.
Red Boy Wt. 13.0 lbs.