I'm spoken for!
My name is Sherlock
I'm the orange collar puppy
I was the fifth born
I'm a boy
I was born at 4:02 am
I weighed 1 lb. 2 1/2 oz.
I was 9 1/4" long

I'm 4 days old!
I weigh 1 lb.
7 5/8 oz.
I'm 11 days old!
I weigh 2 lbs.
3 7/8 oz.
Updates and Photos from Home!
Scarlett...and Buddy...

Sherlock is growing by leaps and bounds....and gets more handsome and fresh by the hour...it was difficult getting that puppy formula, but
did. He loves his 1% milk and lots of chicken breasts... I will take him to see Keith next week  Wednesday. He sleeps with us and goes
outside in our arms only....till he is a lot older... he's thrilled to see the others,  but we are not sure the feeling is mutual with
them...Bradshaw is JEALOUS poor thing...but he tore up enough stuff, even at 14 months, so he has to grow up now...he's no longer the

THANKS AGAIN for all!  Regards to Buddy.

                                                                                                                                                                            Deleta & Sherlock

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