My name is Bernie
I'm the Pink Collar Puppy
I was the third born
I'm a Girl
I was born at 11:48 pm
I Weighed 1 lb. 1 1/2 oz.
I was 9 1/4" long

I'm 4 days old!
I weigh 1 lb.
5 1/8 oz.
I'm 11 days old!
I weigh 1 lb.
15 oz.
I'm 8 weeks old!
I weigh 11 lb.
4 oz.
Updates from Home!
Monday's Six O'Clock Arrival

I got Bernie Leigh Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. She was so cute and didn't seem to be at all scared. She was too worn out
from her day's journey from Chipley, Florida to Dotham, Georgia to Atlanta to New Orleans to be frightened. The men at the
airport freight terminal had little to say, but when I put her on the leash and helped her out of her travel crate, they managed
a lot of really big smiles.

The attendants put the travel crate in the "truck bed" of my Subaru while I put Bernie Leigh in the cargo-converted back
seat. By the end of the cautious ride home, she was in my lap for about the fifth or sixth time.

Bernie did a lot of home exploration before bedtime. So many people had told me thai I should puppy-proof the house and I
felt good that I had done a good job of moving any of the things that might be of danger to her. Woah! Hello! by bedtime, I had
discovered that, apparently, I was supposed to protect the house against constant attack from the canine Hurricane Bernie
...checking pedigree for tasmanian devil in bloodline.

Bernie visits Mimi in the Garden District on Tuesday
Awake several times during the night after staying up late trying to convince Bernie Leigh to tinkle in the backyard. I got to
use the pre-purchased gallon of cleaner...a lot. I remember 3:30 a.m. ...and, finally, 6:00 a.m. She really is a gorgeous puppy
...and so sweet!

I didn't have the heart to leave her alone. Besides, she kept escaping from my attempts to give her more than a crate for
space. The surprise visit to Chepita's condo in the Garden District was stressful for all of us.
09/21/11 - Wednesday and another Logistical Failure

I decided to name Bernie's crate, the Crate House ...rhymes with Great House.

09/23/11 - Friday's Forward Steps

I finally found a setup that could be a keeper. I angled Bernie's crate into the hallway and closed the doors to the rooms
along the it. I then angled Bernie's crate into the hallway and reinforced it with the weight of two stacks of books. She won't
be stuck in the Crate House all day and can have an area for her water as well as for her bathroom. Please, God, let this work.

I went to bed encouraged by Bernie Leigh's successes and smiled at the prospect that I would never again need to untie my
own shoelaces.
Bernie looked up at me from her cozy spot on the sofa as I cursed myself for leaving the Bribe Cup in the kitchen. No amount
of "off" commands would work this time and I was forced to cautiously, casually retrieve it.

A few minutes later, as I relaxed with a few sips of my coffee, I realized that I love her exactly as much as I thought I would. In
spite of the craziness, in spite of the dirt rocks*, in spite of the "easy"-"leave"-"gentle"-"no,no,no, don't bite the mother"
commands, I continued to be overjoyed by her presence and grateful to God for the blessing that is her existence.

*Dirt Rocks - Betcha don't know what a dirt rock is, right? Neither did I, but they began to show up about a week ago....

A few days after her arrival, Bernie began to dig the hole to China. She was well into the dig site and had begun work on a
few alternative routes. As the work progressed, Bernie proudly brought forth these dirt rocks that have been unearthed
from the construction sites.

Sometimes they are actual rocks covered with dirt, sometimes concrete rocks covered with dirt, sometimes they are simply
dirt covered with dirt.

She's really pretty boastful about parading them around the yard before the chewing begins. Yesterday she started bringing
them into the house for dissection on the sofa. How could she think I wouldn't notice a great glob of dirt attached to a rock
formation attached to a big-eared, dirt-speckled white puppy propped up on the sofa! Where's that bribe cup....!?!

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