I'm spoken for!
My name is Sasha
I'm the first born
I'm a girl
I was born at 1:10 pm
I weighed 1 lb. 1/4 oz.
I was 10" long
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I'm 1 week old!
I weigh 1 lb.
12 1/4 oz.
I'm 2 1/2 weeks old!
I weigh 4 lbs. 6 1/2 oz.
Hi Scarlett,
I wanted to give you an update on Sasha and send you this link to my photo album, where Sasha is running and
playing in our garden: see below.

She has quite her own little personality already! Dare I say, attitude?! She is very intelligent, has already learned to
sit for her
food & treats, and from the beginning told us when she needs to go outside to potty!! We're working on 'platz' (lie
down) and 'bring me the rope/ball. We think she is the brightest and best puppy we have ever owned, honestly.
Easy temperament for the most part, but is definitely testing the waters, and starting to nip with her razor-sharp
teeth. I bought her all different types of chew toys and treats to get her through her teething stage, and found out
today that she likes her teeth brushed with the finger brush. Overall, we are very pleased, and when the time
comes to get a male white shepherd puppy,, we will definitely let you know! Of course, we would want different
bloodlines, but similar quality.

Sasha went to the vet's on Tuesday to get her 2nd round of puppy shots (which is within the 3-day time frame). I
am attaching a copy of the receipt for your files. I will keep very good records on her, and also have started an
informal diary to note progress, weight changes, etc. I have never measured a dog - where are the measurements

Also, I mailed the AKC registration yesterday.

Feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions.

                                                                                                   Thank you!!
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